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ObiTone is the Artist name  for DJ Obi-Bass and Tone 689 .ObiTone writes and produces catchy  EDM tracks and performs at  live events. 

With 2005’s worldwide success of Renaissance(Artica), original artists/producers/DJs And musicians ObiTone cemented their vision as genre-busting hitmakers whose in-your-face fusion of dirty electro and progressive house have steamed up radio stations and dancefloors worldwide . Now, with the latest releases such as Enchanter and Sunshine, ObiTone builds on that breakthrough momentum and takes their career to a frenetic new level marked by bigger hooks and more brain-bending beats. A star- packed powerhouse showcasing today’s hottest remixes and original EDM music that is distinctly Obitone .One of the most wildly anticipated remixes of the year, Kesha –Take it Off (ObiTone remix)comes hot on the heels of the rush release of its first smash single, "On My Mind" signed to the Beatmashr label (Spain). Having been in numerous great bands together since the 90's this duo has moved with ease into the electronic scene."We started Djing alternative in the nineties and in the late nineties we moved into the electronic scene spinning tunes on Vinyl in clubs and events and then we got into producing and have never looked back" says Obi-Bass who has had 3 exclusive Ultimixes played on 5fm across South Africa in 2014. ObiTone skillfully meets the clubber's expectation to a truly unforgettable sensory education. Passionate style versatility, track variety, fun originality, professionalism & epic groove proves ObiTone integral to your most memorable event.